So it looks like good news. The Yasuni ITT initiative achieved its first objective, which was to reach US$100 million by 30 December 2011. It hardly looks like a resounding triumph as it is a mixture of written off debts, a donation from the President of Ecuador himself and various others. Nothing significant from most richer nations.

At Yasuniforever, we are aware that there are many ways of viewing this initiative and numerous potential negatives, but we think that as a signal of intent, it has to be positive. What is important to realise is that at the beginning of 2012, when permission could have been granted for yet another natural wonder to be destroyed, it hasn’t been. A rainforest is still alive thanks to everyone who worked for a positive outcome.

You can read more about this from the links below or by visiting our news page. It should be noted that these are press reports and nothing official seems to have been posted on the UN fund page:

World pays Ecuador not to extract oil from rainforest by John Vidal
Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park Challenge – Succeeds in Creating a Crowdsourcing Model to Prevent Oil Drilling at Celsias

There is however, much more to do. Step one was only just achieved and much more money needs to be raised to save Yasuni in the future. Still, it’s a good note to start 2012 on.